Friday, August 31, 2007


Yesterday my son did bring my computer stand boxes up for me and I spent the afternoon getting everything out of the boxes to make sure everything was there and separating all the cotton pickin screws & other hardware & stuck them in small containers with their parts # on them.
Today I got it together & have to wait for whenever he's home to help me flip it over & nail the back to it! After I'm done posting here I'm going to finish putting the drawers together that way they are finished so hopefully by Sunday I can put this old desk in my craft room & use it for my sewing machine & crafting projects! Than the fun begins by taking the computer, printer apart & rehooking it all up with my new external hard drive & the new monitor for DSL on the new stand!!!
Thank you all who stopped by & left me comments!!!
My front flower took me along time to get done doing a hour each morning of weeding weeds & morning glory vines that are every once in a while peeping thru!
I'll never plant them there again!!!
They were nice when they grew up over the arbor but not when they took over the whole bed!
This year I put artificial vines on the arbor & planted marigolds in the garden.
Well better get going I'm not getting anything done sitting here!
Till later See YA!

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