Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Year Maybe I can do better Blogging!!

Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and do this blogging better!
Will try anyway
But Homelife here hasn't been to great with being sick and finely feeling a little better now!
BUT After Tuesday night I had a nice big surprise and hopefully things here at my house can get back to normal[Some what anyway] my youngest son's girlfriend has FINALLY moved out!!!!
I'm so glad she lived here for a year with her 5 year old son, and didn't work or even pay rent or do a dam thing here to help out, so my bills have added up, but hopefully now I can get them straightened out without spending extra money on electric,water, food,etc.
I tried many times by telling her to move out and only to found out that I'd have to go to an Attorney and sure didn't have the money to do that either.
My son is starting to do better to! LOL
Enough rambling for tonight!