Monday, February 18, 2008

Remembrance of a Loving Husband & Father

Don I was always your Lightening & you my Thunder!!
Now as I sit here tears streaming down my face I sit here remembering the day Feb 18, 2001!

I was sitting at the computer as I am now and I heard EMS dispatched to Station 49 [Amity Fire Co] Firefighter fallen down a flight of stairs.
Jace stayed the night at a friends and Derrick was still in bed.
I yelled to Derrick " Let's go!!!!! "It's Daddy he fell!!!"
I knew deep in my heart it was you!!
You were doing your Chief Engineer's paperwork as you did every Sunday.

We get to the station & to this day I still see you laying there on the concrete floor.
I tell you I'm here & that "I LOVE YOU" but I step aside & let everyone else take care of you because I had to compose myself since I knew what was ahead of us was not good!
By this time someone had gone & gotten Jace so he was there too!!!!

We watched Sky Flight take off with you on board to take you to Brandywine Hospital in Coatsville.
One of the guy's drove us down to the hospital where we waited patiently for the BAD NEWS!
I'm not going to go on further with the details of the hospital but on Monday Feb 19th, 2001

We were given the option of donating your body for "the Gift of Life" which we had already decided we wanted to do because "As in Life you would do in Death! Help others!!"
The Three of us said out final farewell to you in the hospital!
Now today is Feb 19th, 2008 and marks 7 years since you've gone to Heaven to be with our great creator!!
We just want you to know that "We still miss you & Love you with all our HEARTS!!!!!


bizee1 said...

Scrapcat honey...what words can anyone say to take away your hurt?
I am so, so sorry for your's and your son's loss. When you loose a loved one, you loose a part of yourself as well. Your husband was a very brave man..God Bless him.
And God did bless him by giving him you and your son.

Sweetie, for whatever its that you have friends out here you can lean on. Anytime at all!

'hang in there'


if you need a shoulder, you can email me..ok?


RC said...

OMG!!! Sharon, I'm so terribly saddened to hear this news. This is a horrible loss and I want to offer what ever words of comfort I may.

Being in the occupation that he was, is a very honorable thing for him and I only hope and pray that you and your son can deal with such a loss.

If you need me for anything that I may be able to do, please email me or IM me.

This is no time for you to be alone and sad. Hold your head up proud as I'm sure your DH would want you to.

All my LOVE and Prayers,


Sindiego said...

Ahhh Sharon. My heart breaks for you. I feel your pain and I want you to know that you are in my prayers tonight.

Mrs. Miles said...

Sharon, my heart goes out to you. I can't imagine how it must be on any holiday - never even mind Valentines... Thank you for sharing your story, and I won't take one day with my husband for granted. Your husband was a brave and generous man and I will keep him in mind whenever I hear a siren. God Bless you and your family.

Hugs. PS your layout is beautiful.

Tom said...

Sharon, I just got to your site from Susan's site (I call her the Raspberry Lady) and am glad to see someone else here that also goes to Marlene's site. Have a great day!

LilyBelle said...

There is not much I can say except reading your words brought tears of compassion to my eyes. I lost my first husband and father to my one son when he was 41 and I was 36. That was 34 years ago but my body still registers that first, awful agony of loss if I dare let myself think too much of the moments just before and after his death. Life demands that we learn to live with such hurts but it is not easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

LouCeeCreations said...

Bless you Scrapcat, so very sad, my heart goes out to you xx hugs

NBK... proudly presents said...

I just did read your Post about ur Lost loving husband. It touched me deep in heart. U must be a strong Woman to share that with us all. Thank u so much.
My thoughts are with u and i wish u much strengh further for each day without ur Love.
Remember he is always around u and take care of u and ur both children


Joanne said...

Sorry for your loss Sharon..I cried for you and wished I could have taken you hand in mine...I have only ever lost my mother..but that big guy in the room next to me..I don't know what me an sammy would do without are strong and brave to share with us..and may God always comfort you even when you may not think he is...God Bless and thank you for stopping by my blog..Joanne

tiger said...


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