Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm still here!

Sorry its been awhile just everyday life getting in the way!!!
Well this past Saturday night was the Christmas party for the Firefighter's & Board of Director's at the Firehouse and now I know why I was ORDERED TO BE THERE!!!
Anyway the guys made up a DVD on the History of the Fire Company with a Memorial at the end which had me crying with Don in it, But what was really nice they presented us with a copy of it & a little beautiful crystal helment that I'll be putting in with Don's flag & other things I have.

I've manage to get my tree down by myself out of the attic but I can not get the other stuff down myself becuase the boxes are to big r to heavy so my tree will have to surffice with what I got down here to use!!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it finish & will get pics of it!!!
It's a artifical white tree & will have all shades of purple on it!!!!!
I bought the tree 3 years ago but didn't put it up because of the the Min Pincher I had to get rid of this past spring & I swore come he-- or high water I was putting it up this year!!!!!!

Alright now I'm going to give you a couple of blogs to visit they are amazing people with FANTASTIC creations to share!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE A LITTLE THANK YOU IF YOU DOWNLOAD ANY OF THEIR CREATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sindiego's Scraps http://sindiegosscraps.blogspot.com/
xashee's corner http://xasheescorner.blogspot.com/
S.J. Wright Creations http://sjwrightcreations.blogspot.com/

Well I think thats it for now want to do some blog hopping
HUGS TO ALL TILL LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


xashee's corner said...

Sounds like Saturday nite was FUN!!! and ohh soo special! i am soo glad they did that! Thanks so much for the blog mention, it's DEFINITELY ok!! hehe looking forward to your tree pictures! HUGS! Have a GREAT day :D

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I too have a white tree with purple on it. Purple is my favorite color. Thank you for the kind words that you have left on my blog. Kim

xashee's corner said...

Wishing you the BEST holiday season!! Stay safe and warm!! HUGS :D

Kaklei Designs said...

You have been tagged, you need to go to my blog, copy and answer the questions here, then tag 5 more people, have fun!!!!

Jessica Lynn said...

Happy Holidays! Great blog!

Jessica Lynn