Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amost the New Year!

I guess we are all sitting and wondering where this past year has gone!!!!!
It seems when we are still in school you just wish time would go faster so that your older and now that we are older we wish it didn't go so fast!!!!

Hope everyone Christmas was fantastic!!!!
Mine sucked as it always does any more but I'm alive so that's what counts!!!!
Plus I look at it that there are more less forunate people & homeless with nothing so I count my blessings!!
I got a $100 gift card from my oldest son Derrick & his girlfriend Missy which I'll use for groceries & Jace told me that after he gets his Mustang on the road he'll get my corner enterainment center for me since my HUGE big one is falling apart & is hard as he-- to move!!!!

Alright everyone I have a HUGE favor to ask Nore of Nores' Niceities is trying to reach 25,000 hits for 2007 so lets all pitch in & help her reach that goal & let everyone know she has a AWESOME kit that she's offering right now the papers & a QP called "Snowy Purple" so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!

Here is another something my sister sent me & I thought it would be good to start off the New Year with something to think of

Take a potato and write on it a name of a person who has fallen from grace with you.
Do this for everyone who has raised your ire and never received your forgiveness.
When you've finished, gather all your potatoes together and place them in a sack.

Keep this sack next to you at all times:
Take it to work. Take it to lunch.
Take it everywhere you go.
And always have it with you at home.

How long would it take for you to grow tired of carrying this burden around?
How long would it take your potatoes to sprout into other things, fester and smell?
Wouldn't it be nice to be free from the weight, stench, and constant reminder of hurt, disappointment, heartache, and anger?

By hanging on to things that are unpleasant, we create more anguish for ourselves.
When you forgive someone, you free yourself from an oppressive load of negativity.
Forgiveness allows you to create peace in your life.

HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nore said...


I know you have been to the blog recently from all your comments...
Have you noticed on the right hand side the "Feedjit Map and locator"? I put this up on the blog just before Christmas...

Boy has this been an eye opener! I went to post your comment from blogger and saw that someone had come over from your blog! So I had to investigate!

Thank You sooooooo much for asking bloggers to help get me to the "25,000 Hits."!!!!!

Please have a Happy Nw Year!!!!!

Elisa said...

Sharon, what a wonderful posting. You are so right, we can all choose not to carry burdons that simply could have been forgiven. 'Simply' sometimes not being easy, but always making us feel much more at ease :)
Thanks for your kind comment today, I truly appreciate it :)

Rosa Beatriz said...

thanks for your comments, I have 3 Ashley's Polka Dot Xmas Brag books 5x7 #2, they are new, love Rosa

Christine said...

Hey Sharon...what a great story to start off the new year with! I'm sorry your Christmas was less than great :( I hope the new year brings wonderful, happy and healthy times and lots of memories to scrap!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Happy New Year Sharon! I hope that 2008 brings all that you wish and is a fantastic year for you! I really love the potato is so true and made me think. Thank you for your wonder comments on my blog in 2007 and I hope we stay "blog friends" for a long time!

Niona said...

Happy New Year!