Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sad Day for a Dear Friend!!!

Short one today, since I'm very busy!

Please say a prayer for Selena and leave her a little note because she has lost her Daddy today!!!

She is such a giving person with her awesome freebie list and all the other things that she does!!

Digital Designs by Selena

WE LOVE YOU SELENA & YOUR IN OUR PRAYER'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Sharon -

Thanks for your visit & sweet comment - I HAVE been sooooo busy, and I feel bad I've not been by here for a while. I feel v. badly for Selena and will hop right over to leave some love, thanks for makine me aware. Your wonderful. Thanks for all YOU do, my friend. You always cheer me with your faithful visits.

Hugs to you today,

ConnyB said...

How sad for her :( Thank you for posting this!

As Barb I also want to thank you very much again for your wonderful comments! This is so sweet of you, I LOVE your visits :)
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Selena said...

I just saw this honey x

Thanks so much for being so thoughtful! You are a star and a sweet heart x x x

Huge hugs x Selena x