Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Challenge attempt!!

Well I'm trying another attempt at a challenge this time its the APRIL COLOUR CHALLENGE at DSO using Boolands Contribution!!!!
I want to take this time to THANK EVERYONE especially Boo for all so very much for their MARVELOUS Creations to this months challenge!!!!!!

Of course this is a photo from Derrick & missy's wedding!!!!! LOL


Γεωργία said...

Sharon thank you my sweetie yes i will do that about TOU i'm feel a bit upset but as person i forgive easy too a big hug to you

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Sharon dearest, I am bookmarking your blog to come and read whenever I have some free time (gosh do I need to lighten my load a bit as I'm missing out on SO much out here in SCRAPLAND!!!) for the wonderful laughter you have to spread around via some REALLY cool jokes!

I came by to reply to your post on my blog about your layout with *Saturday in the Park* and wanted to apologize for the mix up. Your layout was actually the VERY first one that I tried to upload to SLIDE and for some reason the first batch did not upload properly and I had to redo them. Somehow your layout did not upload the second time and I was probably too tired to realize it at the time! I have now successfully added it and wish to thank you again for sharing your masterpiece!!!

I am sorry to hear about your knee and hope that all is well. Was it the knee pain that caused you to feel sick to your stomach? You take care and relax this weekend and I hope it feels better. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well sweetie. Keep me posted, okay?

Have a SUPER weekend my friend!

Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh shucks!!! I meant to commment on the layout of your son and new daughter-in-law!!! GORGEOUS and CONGRATULATIONS to them and to you once again!!!

We can swap grandma stories pretty soon too!!! ROFL!

Linda :)

Boo said...

Wohoooo, awesome lo hun. Love how it all comes together. Superb. Thanks so much for using my little offering too and BIG thanks for your lovely comments and kind thoughts.Always appreciated
Boo x

Heande said...

What a great layout.
I love everything of it.
Greetzzz Heande

Mrs Homer Lynn said...

Very pretty!
I emailed you but wasn't sure you got it.

Maria Jose said...

Thank you for you comment in my blogger and I like your creations I LOVE YOUR PET, me encanta ( sorry my english's very bad)

Kim B said...

SHARON!!!!! OMGoodness girl! You are going in leaps and bounds here girlfriend! WOW- this LO is just OUTSTANDING and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Boo's kit is just awesome and you used it PERFECTLY with that pic! I'm still trying to close my mouth here-LOL
Hope the knee is feeling better
Sending you HUGE hugs and loves

Mrs. Miles said...

Your Layout is lovely, Sharon! You must still be glowing about the wedding - how are the newlyweds doing? thx for stopping by my blog, and I can't wait till you start designing, I think you will do well!


Vicki said...

Sharon, what a beautiful layout - you must be a very proud Mom! Just popped by to let you know I have tagged you on my blog today if you want to play along... Hugs x

VJ's Scrap Room said...
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Elisa said...

Such a gorgeous design by Boo and you certainly turned it in a wonderful layout, love the colors a lot and what a most loving frame for the memorable moment!
I too hope your knee troubles are over soon! I'm currently suffering a painful tooth nerve infection that I hope to fight soon, got some medicine yesterday. So, as they say 'I feel your pain'... literally...
Big hugs for your kind support, have a great day and week!

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layout! just look at the love on their faces!! GREAT job!! Have a WONDERFUL day!! :D

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