Monday, October 08, 2007

Sorry for being MIA

Haven't been in the best of moods!!!
Last Monday Oct 1st was my birthday & I want to Thank you all for the wishes!!!!
It was just a awful depressing day for me!!! Missing my husband just had me in such a depressing mood because not having anyone here to celebrate it with!!!
Both my son's were working, Derrick called me & than Thursday night him & his girlfriend took me out to dinner at Yellow House Hotel, Its a very old place and people come from far away to eat there and its said to be haunted!!!
Jace gave me a birthday card & a Big hug!!!!!

I was going to post yesterday but than I got a phone call from Jace's friends Mom at 3:45pm, He was in a accident with his motorcycle and had taken him to the new St Joseph's Hospital that I've got no idea were its even at, I use to always go to the old one in Reading.
I was to upset to drive let alone I don't like driving when its dark.
Well they called me a couple of times to inform me of the long progress of the ER and finally at 9:15pm the hospital called Derrick and he went to pick him up and they finally got home at 10:30pm. He has a concussion And stitches in his left elbow, so that meant I hag to wake him up every couple of hours, he's feeling a little better except his back hurts him!!!
Well I guess that's it for now


bizee1 said...


I first want to say Happy Belated Birthday! (I hear ya about the depressing part) but at least you had the possibilty of meeting a spirit! And also..sorry about the young man who had the accident..Thank Heavens thats all he ended up with! My gosh!
I also wanted to say Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the wonderful comment! I hope you are finding good use of the scraps!
pssst..I just now finished posting 2 more things at the blog..
Plus...I am posting a second comment here for you....heh,heh,heh!

bizee1 said...

here's a little b-day prezzie for you! I only posted these here for where else...enjoy!

(I dont want you to think I am placing an ad here..This is only for you)
Have a great evening!

VJ's Scrap Room said...
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ConnyB said...

Sorry that you were depressed for your Birthday! Bummers :(
And I´m also sorry to read about the accident! I hope he gets well soon, let us know how it goes!
Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!!!

xashee's corner said...

So sorry you didnt have a better birthday but sure am glad the young man wasnt hurt too badly!! Big HUGs to you, my friend! i should have the pomeranian kit done this week, YAY!! finally, i know! lol Stop by and check out the roadrunner pix i got, he spent a few hours with us! it was cool and hopefully will make you smile :D

. said...

That must have been a terrible birthday for you. Wow what a week! Keep up the awesome blogging though, you are very talented at writing and the feeling really comes through the words. Im extremely happy that you thought my designes were worth anything at all LOL.

Have a great day ok?
Respectfully Yours,
Vicky Laursen

xashee's corner said...

stopping in to say thanx for stopping in, LOVE your visits and i wanted to say, we take Cinny Mini to the groomer's this sat too!!! LOL it would be GREAT to see you there hahha :D Have a WONDERFUL day, Sharon! looking forward to sharing pix of the pups, hehe

bizee1 said...


Wanted to stop by to see how you are feeling. I hope this post finds you in great spirits! How is the young man doing since his accident? I hope all is well for him. Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Leslie and the boyz! said...

LOL :) thanks Sharon:) I know I need to get away but its so hard when the boys are so young to go too many places.. I guess we could go to a pumpkin patch if only i knew of one LOL :) HUGS!!:)

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Belated Happy Birthday!! It's is depressing when you miss someone and birthdays are times when we all remember birthdays past and what we used to do. The last thing you needed was your son to get hurt after a bad week. I am so sorry he had an are always a worry, no matter how old they get!! I know, with mine it's cars!!

Joanne said...

Happy belated birthday..sweetiepie...sorry I missed it.sorry about the sadness..

Babette said...

Awww .... Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!! I want to share a little b-day present with you ... but, i'm gonna need your email to send it! :)